About Us

A devoted and trustworthy family run business that is all about keeping you safe from fire.  With 40 years of experience in the maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishers, ETC Fire always offer you the finest equipment at the right price.

Our quality fire extinguishers are manufactured to the highest standards, British Kite Marked and approved to BS EN3.

Want Advice on Fire Safety, Supply and Service Fire Extinguishers?

Get in touch with us to get latest updates on supply and service of fire extinguishers and related products, e.g. hose reels, signs, stands and blankets.

We Supply, Fit and Service the Appropriate Fire Extinguishers for All Situations

  • Water (For Class A Fires) - for dry goods including paper, wood, and fabric.
  • Foam (For class A & B Fires) - for dry goods including paper, wood, and fabric.
  • CO2 (For Class B & Electrical Fires) - for flammable liquid fires and electrical equipment.
  • Dry Powder (For Class A, B, C Fires) – multi-purpose extinguishers (Not for use in confined spaces).
  • Wet Chemical (For Class F Fires) - For deep fat fryers and cooking oil fires.
  • Specialist Extinguishers (For D Class fires) - for metal fires caused by sodium, magnesium, and aluminum.

Not bought your Fire Extinguishers from us? No Problem!

We at ETC, also offer the same service and advice on fire extinguishers you may have already in situ, or have just bought from any supplier.  There is no need for your whole home or business premises to go up in smoke because of fires that could have been prevented in their early stages.  

If you are an employer, your staff also need to be updated every six months, by law, on the safe operation of the fire equipment, and practise a swift means of getting themselves out of the building for a roll call in a safe area (a Fire Drill).  

Please call us if you have any queries or would like an independent, personal assessment of your present fire prevention equipment.

For a full range of our fire services equipment and training, please see our About Us and Services pages