About Us

ETC is a devoted and trustworthy family run business with 40 years experience in the maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishers. We are dedicated to bringing you the finest equipment at the right price.

Our quality fire extinguishers are manufactured to the highest standards, British Kite Marked and approved to BS EN3.

We Offer Advice about Fire Safety, Supply and Service Fire Extinguishers - and more!

Call us for advice on the supply and service of fire extinguishers and related products, e.g. hose reels, signs, stands and blankets.

We Supply, Fit and Service the appropriate Fire Extinguishers for 

Water (For Class A Fires) - for dry goods including paper, wood, and fabric.

Foam (For class A & B Fires) - for dry goods including paper, wood, and fabric.

CO2 (For Class B & Electrical Fires) - for flammable liquid fires and electrical equipment.

Dry Powder (For Class A, B, C Fires) – multi-purpose extinguishers (Not for use in confined spaces).

Wet Chemical (For Class F Fires) - For deep fat fryers and cooking oil fires.

Specialist Extinguishers (For D Class fires) - for metal fires caused by sodium, magnesium, and aluminum.

We at ETC, also offer the same service and advice on fire extinguishers you may have already in situ, or have just bought from any supplier.  Please call us if you have any queries or would like an independent, personal assessment of your present equipment.

Other Fire Safety Equipment:

  • Fire Blankets 
  • Extinguisher cabinets and stands
  • Hose reels and hoses
  • Hose reel cabinet and covers
  • Acoustic Fire door release device
  • Key box and glass
  • Escape ladders (supply only)
  • Rotary hand alarm bell
  • Fire buckets
  • First aid kits
  • Mobile fire points
  • Fire document cabinets
  • Extinguisher theft stoppers
  • Safety signs (Full range)
  • Life Axe
  • And much more!

We also have a full range of industrial safety equipment.

Fire Safety Signs:

We have over 1,400 fully-conformant safety signs available covering the complete range of health and safety requirements. These include Fire-fighting equipment, Fire action, Fire prevention and Emergency escape signs. 

Other vital signs include those indicating prohibition, warnings and mandatory and first aid information.

Fire Safety Law and how it affects you.

  • All new Health and Safety signs must now show the appropriate symbol and if necessary, the supporting text.
  • All hazards must be highlighted with a safety sign if they cannot be controlled by other means.
  • The location of all escape routes and fire-fighting equipment must be clearly identified.
  • Employers must provide employees with training in the understanding of safety signs.