The maintenance of fire extinguishers is just as important as having them in place!  A fire extinguisher needs to be checked that it's in good working order, and replaced if necessary, to ensure that if you have a fire, you can use them to save lives. 

For Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Brighton and Hove - call us now!

Unless your extinguisher is maintenance free (P50) extinguishers must be serviced in accordance to the BS 5306-3:2009 and this is the responsibility of the responsible person for the building, sometimes the landlord, or the business owner.

If you look on the side of your fire extinguishers, you'll see a safety sticker which should be updated at regular intervals after a visit from specialised fire extinguisher maintenance personnel.  You can check there if it's been checked in the last six months or a year, or whichever interval is recommended. 

The service record will show when it was inspected, whether or not it was recharged, pressure tested and who by.

If your fire extinguisher is past it's 'use by' date - don't panic, but call ETC Fire for quick service and maintenance of your fire extinguishers if you are within the Brighton and Hove areas.