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We can provide a tailor made fire extinguisher servicing schedule for your company, with high quality fire extinguishers, and excellent, reliable service.

Having fire extinguishers in place is one thing.  Fire extinguishers can put out many small fires around the home or business and save thousands of pounds in damages.  But if your fire extinguishers are old, out of date, or missing some vital checks, a business owner could find that they get their fingers very burned, indeed.

You don’t always think about your fire extinguishers until you need one.  365 days come round pretty quickly when you’re busy and many people used to forget about their fire extinguishers until it was too late.  Which is why the Government have regulations in place to ensure that fire extinguishers are fully working just when they are needed!  When you need to grab a fire extinguisher, if it’s not working, you’ve wasted your money and put lives at risk.

So for peace of mind, ETC Fire offers a fire extinguisher servicing schedule that helps you fulfil your legal obligations, will also ensure staff safety and protection for your buildings and stock and for this, our BAFE Certified Technicians are available to help you.  

As a company owner, you need to have a weather eye on health and safety and fire regulations.  It’s not enough to just have fire extinguishers installed; you need to employ a qualified third party to inspect your fire equipment at least yearly and provide the appropriate certification for safe use in your building.  If your fire extinguishers are kept in severe environments, they may need a closer watch kept on them.

Your fire operative from ETC Fire can also train your staff and assess your premises for fire safety hazards.   ETC’s family firm is established in Sussex for many years with many satisfied customers and are proud of our reputation for reliable inspections and good service.

Don’t hesitate if you think you may have a safety issue:

Call ETC Fire for Competent Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Brighton/Hove

We provide fully trained operatives for fire extinguisher servicing Brighton and Hove companies can rely on.  We also hold a complete range of fire extinguishers, spare parts and more.

ETC Fire Operatives are fully trained and offer an offer reliable, cost effective service for inspections, training, workplace assessments and fire extinguisher servicing and can agree a schedule of inspections and testing to suit to ensure that your fire extinguishers don’t let you down.

A visual safety inspection every month for your fire extinguishers is recommended - you can do this yourself.  But every fire extinguisher requires inspection and certification once a year and a total breakdown and internal inspection every six years by a qualified fire protection operative is mandatory.  

Fire extinguishers must remain in the designated place to be effective.  As well as fire extinguisher servicing we also check that the fire extinguisher is still situated near to the hazard indicated and that it clearly has the instructions facing outwards, that the readings are within range, and its not damaged, with intact seals or tamper indicators.  

If you are in any doubt about your fire precautions, call us here at ETC Fire to arrange an inspection in this vital area.

Qualified Fire Extinguisher Servicing Brighton and Hove areas

Conforming to standards required in BS 5306 and BS 5839, our fully trained Fire Professionals offer professional testing and servicing of all kinds of fire extinguishers for companies in the Brighton/Hove areas. 

ETC Fire offer a complete service from Fire extinguisher servicing, fire training for staff and assessments of your premises to ensure compliance with fire regulations.

Our friendly and professional fire extinguisher servicing operatives visit all kinds of businesses for maintenance of portable fire extinguishers.  So needing a competent person for your fire extinguisher servicing in the area of Brighton and Hove, just give us a call.

Could your company benefit from a fire extinguisher servicing agreement?

It’s easy to forget that a year’s gone by and during that year, anything can happen in a busy work environment.  People don’t always remember their fire precautions (however we aim to ensure that all staff are fire aware and we also provide fire training for your staff.)

British Standard 5306-3 covers the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, and recommends that “regular visual inspections of all portable fire extinguishers be carried out by the user or user’s representative. The frequency of inspections by the user should be not less than monthly and, when circumstances require, inspections should be carried out more frequently”.

A regular schedule of inspections and testing is vital since 365 days soon comes around.  A fire extinguisher is a high pressure vessel and as such if corroded or damaged it can cause serious injury. 

Fire extinguisher servicing from qualified professionals such as ETC is vital to ensure that your fire extinguishers in Brighton and Hove are in full working order should the need arise.  

If your premises are in Brighton or Hove and you require one of our fire service engineers to visit for a safety inspection, please call us. 

As well as fire extinguisher servicing in Brighton/Hove, ETC also offer a range of fire safety equipment for sale, plus regular fire training for your staff.   Call us to find out more.