Fire safety training is legally your responsibility as an employer. The HSE stipulations advise that all businesses and commercial premises should carry out a fire assessment and provide adequate fire extinguishing apparatus.

Helpful, Practical, Fire Extinguisher Training

For a fully trained practical trainer to come and visit, and train your staff so that you comply with all current UK Fire Regulations, you can call for one of our trainers to visit you to explain about fire safety and fire extinguisher training in Brighton and Hove.

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Expert Training in Brighton and Hove

We train all your staff to understand the risks about fire, how to guard against accidentally spreading a fire in your building, how to identify which type of fire it is, and the best method of extinguishing it.

Don't ignore fire extinguisher training - it's a vital part of keeping your workforce free from injury and your premises safe, and protecting your business.

We help you with all aspects of fire extinguisher training in Brighton and Hove, tackling various fires with the different types of fire extinguisher available.  

Book a fire safety course, or check availability by calling the number above.

Everyone at work needs to have basic training about fighting fires.  When you have newcomers to your workplace, they also need to know. Giving your staff the confidence to fight a fire and knowing when to get out of the building and where to is a simple matter with the help of our trainers who can come to your premises to offer fire extinguisher training anywhere in the Brighton and Hove areas. 

If there's a safe place to carry out a controlled fire, and put it out, our Fire Inspector will do a hands-on demonstration using the latest methods to simulate a fire and put it out, and give your staff 'hands on' experience.

Your staff will feel much more confident after some practical instruction.  After all the fire extinguishers are not just there for decoration but for a vital purpose.  

We also offer portable fire extinguishers servicing - call us for your fire extinguishers in Brighton and Hove for a regular or a one-off check. 

For all other advice about fire extinguisher training Brighton and Hove, give us a call.