If you're looking for professional fire extinguisher training in the Gatwick area, then you have come to the right place. 

As an employer, your responsibility to provide periodical fire extinguisher training is required by UK legislation.  Employers must ensure that all employees are fire safety trained to an adequate level.  ETC Fire can help you maintain your compliance with legal obligations for safety and fire extinguisher training for all organisations in the Gatwick area.

Call ECT for Practical Fire Extinguisher Training Gatwick

After fire extinguisher training from ETC's friendly Fire Professionals in Gatwick, your staff will have confidence to tackle a small blaze knowing which of the range of fire extinguishers they have to hand.  You can book a visit, an assessment and a training session with our professionals in fire extinguisher training Gatwick area by calling the number above. 

Your staff will have a basic knowledge of fire extinguishers and sessions will enable each delegate to handle the various kinds of extinguishers, and understand the basics about why fires break our, good housekeeping to prevent fires, the capabilities and limitations of each type of extinguisher, and look at why fire training is important.

Our fire extinguisher training Gatwick area courses last around two hours long, and we design them around your company's fire safety policies so that all the essentials are covered.  

ETC Fire provide a cost effective fire extinguisher training Gatwick services, businesses and commercial premises can rely on.

Cost Effective Fire Extinguisher Training in Gatwick

We don't waste time but talk to you first, to find out what's important to your company and assess the most pressing needs and the environment so that we can offer bespoke fire extinguisher training courses aimed directly at the particular needs and concerns of your staff.  At the end of the fire extinguisher training staff will...

  • be able to assess the fire and take action for small blazes, using the appropriate equipment.
  • be able to raise the alarm and know what escape routes to use, where to meet etc
  • Staff will be able to check for fire in unseen areas whilst safeguarding themselves from harm
  • Staff will know how to evacuate themselves and other people from the building

Shift workers can be difficult to reach but ETC Fire is happy to offer and schedule fire extinguisher training at any time of the day or night, whenever workers can be gathered together for training.  So if your company works shift systems then we are happy to visit at times that fit in with your staff work patterns and thus ensure that everyone has the relevant advice.

Also book your fire extinguisher safety inspections with ETC Fire.

Fire extinguishers hold their contents under high pressure and have been known to explode, if damaged or corroded.  This could cause serious injury or death in the workplace. 

Don't risk your premises or staff; if you need to book a fire extinguisher training in Gatwick - call us today!